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48-Hour Burn-In Test BUGERA users live for tone. That’s why we put our valves through some of the most rigorous tests known to man. While many of our competitors test their valves for an hour or so, we burn ours in for an incredible 48 hours and subject them to extreme loads that push them to their limits. Only after they pass this excruciating test, do they move on to the next step.

The Vibration Table This is where we stress the tubes mechanically, simulating what your amp goes through as it moves from one gig to the next — that is, if your amp is repeatedly driven up and down a really bumpy dirt road at break-neck speed, with all elements lit up! Trust us, our vibration table conjures up some truly insane test conditions that go well beyond what you’re likely to experience in the real world.

Final Testing After the valves pass the burn-in and vibration tables, we subject them to a battery of computer-controlled tests that grades their performance based on 12 crucial operating parameters. At this point, even the slightest imperfection will cause a valve to be rejected. Of the valves that make it this far, only the top 5% are selected for use in the critical fi rst gain stage of our amplifi ers. When a valve earns the BUGERA logo, you can rest assured it is the very best of the best!

A wide range of BUGERA hand-selected premium valves are available from your local dealer including 12AX7 and ECC83 dual triodes, individual and matched sets of 6L6 and EL34 power pentodes and 6550A power tetrodes. Visit for a complete list.