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Classic 150-Watt Hi-Gain Valve Amplifier Head

Almost from the get-go, guitarists have been asking us to interpret that classic British Bite in what’s becoming the BUGERA style.

We did a lot of listening to obscure, long-departed Brit designs and spent most of last year tweaking to get hand-selected  EL34s and ECC83s to play nice together.   We added a no-compromise non-master volume for direct signal path and a huge output transformer with specially nested windings for increased dynamic response and clarity.

Ladies, gentlemen and olde chums, meet the BUGERA 1960.


  • Hand-built 150-Watt hi-gain amplifier driven by 4 x EL34 valves
  • Vintage preamp design from the '60s featuring 3 x ECC83 valves for terrifying punch and mind-blowing gain
  • 4 input connectors allow channel 1 and 2 to be linked via patch cable to mix the different tonal characters of each channel for ultimate tone
  • Vintage Equalizer section with dedicated Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence controls
  • Impedance switch (4, 8 and 16 Ohms) to match virtually any speaker cabinet
  • FX Loop with dedicated Level switch and true Bypass function
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

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Tone Samples

BUGERA 1960 Amp Demos by BUGERA